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3 Fashion Books You Need Now!

These 3 books are absolute must reads for any Fashionista! Build a stylish wardrobe and learn about all things fashion and sit down with one of my favourite books about fashion and style!

1.”The One Hundred” By Nina Garcia

Buy it here.


This book has one hundred items that every fashionista must have in their wardrobe. It has some gorgeous illustrations by Ruben Toledo and is all in A-Z order. Items have a short history, 101 Fact , a quote , illustration and even tips for which is the best of that item to invest in.
This book will have you checking your wardrobe trying to tick each item of the list, and building a wishlist of all the things you don’t have yet.

Definitely a must have for every fashion savvy woman!


2. “Love X Style X Life” By Garance Dore

Buy it here.


A guide to the stylish life from the french blogger, Garance Dore.

This book is filled with personal stories from her life, useful tips and instructions for things all fashionistas need to know and an array of tips for wearing and styling certain pieces in your wardrobe! There are also some full page quotes and talks about life.
This book is not only a fantastic read but also a attractive piece for coffee table.


3.”How to be Parisian – Wherever you are” By Sophie Mas, Audrey Diwan, Caroline De Maigret & Anne Berest

Buy it here.


The Ultimate Manual for any woman.
The complete guide to all things stylish and Parisian,
with everything from looking the part, to love, life and thinking like a Parisian.
This book will having you feeling and looking devilishly stylish in no time.
French accent not included!


Know of any other fashion books? Comment below, I would love to hear from you.


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