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The LBD Is The Ultimate Wardrobe Staple

Being a model, you are constantly getting your digitals updated and are probably meeting with clients daily. It is so important to be well polished and present yourself nicely, whilst at the same time having a look that can clearly translate between lots of different styles. If you dress with a lot of personality, it’s good to set you apart from the other models BUT it may discourage clients who are not very imaginative. I have found that its best to dress in something that is simple, flattering, and translates well from walking around in your sneakers – to swapping into your heels at the door.

This is why i love the LBD (Little Black Dress).
It is arguably the most versatile piece of clothing a woman can own.
You can easily change you entire look, keeping the same dress and just changing shoes, accessories and hair/makeup styling.
This may even be the easiest dress to wear, just slip it on and go.

So how do you choose the best LBD?
Go for something between mini (not too short keep classy) to above the knee length.
Pick a fitted style, this will best show of your figure and the client will have a good indication of your body type/shape. Either a tight fitted style or a style with a fitted bodice and a bit looser in the skirt.
All black is the most flattering colour choice.
The sleeve style and neckline is up to you, although I recommend keeping it simple.
Even if you aren’t a model this is still a staple wardrobe piece.

Here are a few different styles that you can find on

You can get a plain LBD just about anywhere these days, it’s worth shopping around until you find a style that you love. Also, this style of dress is reasonably affordable so you can save a few $$$. It is honestly the best dress to have – you can style it with a denim or leather jacket or even an open shirt, with converse, boots, sandals… The options are endless! See some examples here.

How do you style your LBD? I’d love to know, leave a comment below!


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