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Interview for face of the Forest Chase AW15 Campaign

Name… Millicent Lambert
My nickname is… Millie
My ideal outfit is… Depends! For every day I prefer a pair of jeans and a t-shirt
My style is… inconsistent, I like a bit of everything. One day I’m really girly and the next I’m punk or boho.
Style-wise I’m influenced by… it’s hard to say! I read a lot of magazine and pick up things from there or from shoots.
My wardrobe consists of… like 20 pairs of jeans and 30 pairs of heels and lots of tops! Mainly summer things.
I wish I dressed like… more 50’s or 70’s vintage.
Growing up I wanted to be…a vet
Right now I’m obsessed with… DIY
To unwind after a long day shooting I like to… I like to eat a hamburger, have a glass of wine and cuddle with my boyfriend.
I couldn’t live without… mascara
On the runway I’m thinking about… mostly don’t fall over!
When I see myself in pictures… I wish I could look like that all the time
Right now I’m listening to… Arctic Monkeys
The last movie I watched was… on the plane on the way home. I was called this is where I leave you
My favourite food is… hamburgers
The last book I read was… eanie meanie
Not many people know that I… was obsessed with tropical live bearing fish
My beauty routine consists of… not very much. I cleanse in the shower and moisturise and sometimes use a toner.
My hometown now is… Australind
One of my favourite jobs so far has been… Forrest Chase of course!
I’m looking forward to… having a busy year working and travelling to London, the US and hopefully Germany!
I always wanted… a Furby
I never thought I… would be a model
If I wasn’t modelling, I would be… a receptionist
The best advice I was ever given was… you’re only as far away from home as a flight
If I was in a band I would be the… head-banging triangle player
My guilty pleasure is… watching an entire season of a TV show at once
I wear my denim with… a t-shirt and biker boots or jewelled sandals and a nice top
My ultimate fashion fantasy is… being able to have thousands and thousands of dollars for the ultimate shopping spree
I was spotted at… the Viven’s model search in 2008
I couldn’t live without… my phone
I keep fit by… walking and cardio based exercise

Watch the behind the scenes videos.


To read the original you can view the page here.


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