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Social.Folio – The App you need now!

Smartphones and tablets/ipads are everywhere in the fashion industry these days. Many models and creatives have even swapped their hard copy portfolios for the new and up to date iPad portfolio. Now that the fashion industry has gone digital, you need a great portfolio app. I’ve met lots of models who just used the photo album on the iPad but its hard to control the order and layout of the portfolio. I also feel it looks somewhat unprofessional. There is an app however, to fix all those problems.


A portfolio app by founder Tori Bowman.
The Social.Folio allows you to edit your order and thus create a ‘flow’ in your portfolio. This fantastic app also lets you showcase your Agency Information, measurements and social media following.

App description from the website:

“An app created for models & creative types to showcase their work.
Present a photographic portfolio and include videos, weblinks & PDFs.
Present the number of your followers on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook (optional).
Share your work anywhere, anytime via email.
Showcase. Network. Connect. “

Heres how the portfolio looks in the app:


 This app is really quite simple to set up and use, the website has step by step instructions if you need some help, as does the app itself.

With the additional features of the app, it can be easily customised  to suit everyones needs:

1. Multiple Portfolios $2.99
2.PDF & URL Support $5.99
3.Video Support          $2.99

This app has the perfect mix of practicality and style. Founder, Tori has really thought of everything in this app for models & creatives.
All we need now is the perfect iPad case!

(Disclaimer: I am not linked, affiliated or endorsed by the product in any way. I merely found this platform has worked well for me and wanted to share my experience.)

Do you use this app, or know of any others? Leave some feedback below!




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