The Best Beauty Sleep Ever!

‘Beauty sleep’ is a term often used and most of us aren’t taking full advantage of this simple beauty trick.It’s never been easier to wake up more gorgeous! Try switching up some of your bedtime habits to make the most of your nights. Heres a few simple tips for getting your best beauty sleep ever:

Use a silk pillowcase The silky smooth fabric has less friction than cotton or synthetic fibres and allows the hair to glide over the pillow during the night without creating knots. Silk pillowcases can help to reduce crease marks on your face if you are a side or tummy sleeper. They are a bit of a pricey investment but if you look after them they will be worth the cost.
Aussie brand Slip does some great silk pillowcases and eye masks.

Sleep on your back – Sleeping on your back is said to help prevent wrinkles more than sleeping in any other position. By having your face off the pillow you stop your face from creasing during the night, causing wrinkles. People who sleep on one side may find that they develop wrinkles on that side of the face quicker. By adding another pillow you will also elevate your head which may increase drainage of fluids and decrease puffiness.


Moisturise – Cleanse and moisturise your face before going to bed to remove any dirt and to hydrate whilst your face is at rest. If you have dry skin consider using a facial oil after you moisturise to wake up with the ultimate glowy skin.

Change your pillowcase often – Pillowcases should be changed regularly to prevent a build up of dirt and oils that may cause breakouts. I recommend changing them once or twice a week depending on how oily your skin is.

Use a humidifier – In dry weather consider investing in a humidifier and using it while you sleep. It can l do wonders for hydrating your skin while you sleep. If you get a travel size humidifier you will be able to take it with you wherever you go which is an added bonus.

Avoid foods high in salt and alcohol before bed Alcohol and salty foods too close to bedtime may encourage your body to retain more water and thus leave you ‘puffy’ the next morning. Avoiding them at night and drinking enough water for bed could reduce your water retention.

Remove makeup before bed – It is best to remove makeup before bed, not only to prevent panda eyes in the morning but to prevent clogging pores and drying out your skin. Night time is when your body repairs and rejuvenates so cleaning your face helps to refresh and restore. Read my post Skincare 101 – The Basics for steps on how to clean your face properly.

Tie up your hair but not too tight – A loose high bun or braids can help prevent your hair from tangling overnight which could damage the strands. Avoid tying the hair too tight as it could break the stands of hair! Invest in a silk scrunchie as your ultimate hair tie. The extra fabric around the elastic can help stop the hair follicles from breaking and smooth silk won’t damage the hair follicles.

Aim for 8 hours sleep – The body needs deep sleep to repair itself, if you are not getting a solid 8 hours you could be missing out on precious healing sleep. Try to aim for at least 8 hours sleep it might just be the most important step of getting the ultimate beauty sleep!

Now it’s time to take full advantage of this beauty secret. Change a few of your bedtime habits and wake up gorgeous and glowing tomorrow!


Have you got any other tips? Let me know below in the comment section!



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