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Long Haul Flight Beauty Tips!

Long haul flights can really take it out of you. Being cramped into a small space for hours on end can leave you tired, sore and dehydrated.

If you’re flying overseas for modelling its only too true a fact that you may be swooped off the plane and straight into a car to go meet with clients. You want to look fresh, vibrant and alert. So I have compiled some long haul flight beauty tips for you.

For all the non-models, you might walk off the plane into family events or business meetings without the chance to shower, nap and recoup. These tips will also help you stay looking fresh and rested even if you don’t feel it!


  • Stay Hydrated! Flying on planes can really dry your skin out and that will only cause you to look tired and dull, so be sure to drink a lot of water during your flight.
  • Go Fresh Faced. Avoid wearing any makeup before or during your flight, it may dry out your skin and leave you looking dull and flaky. Eww! Instead give your face a cleanse,tone,moisturise before your flight and keep a moisturiser or face oil in your cabin bag so you can apply it if your skin starts to feel dry. You’ll land with dewy healthy looking skin!
  • Braid it up! Wash and dry your hair before your flight, even a blow-dry and some soft styling, then put it in a loose braid to keep it knot free and clean. If you don’t like braids then invest in a silk scrunchie and put your hair up in a top knot. Keeping the hair out of the face could stop the hairs oils transferring to your skin, blocking the pores and causing breakouts after you land.
  • Freshen up!  Be sure to pack some saline unmedicated eye drops. Use a few drops just before you land, they can help brighten up your eyes, reduce redness and make you look more awake.
  • Avoid Brights! Avoid wearing bright polish. Its very easy for it to chip in transit and it could make you look a bit messy and unkempt. Instead, opt for a clear polished manicure or a nude shade. This can help to keep you looking fresh and polished.
  • Pack a Smart Carry On! Pack an extra outfit in your carry on, so you can change when you land. This also helps if your check in luggage doesn’t arrive with you. If you have something to go to straight off the plane then perhaps pack a small makeup bag so you can apply some final touches before landing.

I would love to hear from you if you have any additional tips to looking fresh straight off your flight, let me know and comment below!

(Photos sourced from ‘Latopic’ Lookbook shoot.)

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