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Lust for silk – The slip dress

I’ve been obsessed with the silk slip dress these past few months and I have been seeing them around more and more lately. I really feel they are the next big trend this year and perhaps they already are. Slowly but surely they have transformed from sleep and under garments into outerwear and in fact a statement piece.

studded-hearts-inspiration-natalia-vodianova-slip-dressA slip dress oozes a simple elegance and luxury, and depending on how it is styled it can look sexy or sweet.
I really like a 100% silk slip, but they tend to be quite expensive the alternative is a synthetic satin, which tends to have the same look and a similar feel but is usually much more affordable.

Silk Slip dresses on the Runway.


Wear your slip dress under a blazer, a leather jacket or a denim jacket and some sneakers or birks for a super easy casual look.

Layer your slip with a chunky fluffy knit for some cute contrast and a girlier feel.

Wear it over a simple tee, and even jeans for a more unexpected, styled look.

However you like to style it, the slip dress is a great addition to your wardrobe.



How do you style your slip dress? Let me know in the comments below.

(Images sourced from google.)

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