A chat with … Annaliese Gann


Model of the week is the beautiful Annaliese Gann. Known for her curvaceous body and positive attitude, Annaliese has worked for some big Australian clients including Betty Tran, Noni B and Prouds Jewellers. She is currently based in Sydney and has her sights set on venturing to Europe to further her career. Read my interview with her below!

Full Name: Annaliese Michelle Gann
Age: 20
Based in: Sydney Australia
Hometown: Bunbury Western Australia
Current Agency: Viviens Model Management
Previous Clients include:
Betty Tran, Prouds Jewellers,Channel 7/ GWN TV in WA, Noni B, Modi Bodi Australia, Blauuw by Monica the label, Curvy Chic Sport Australia.

How old were you when you started modelling, and how did you get into it?
I was 15 when I started modelling . I was always taller than the other girls at school and I had confidence so I was always told by people that I should model. I was at a local underage dance party when I was told by an on looker where the modelling class try outs were. I was sick of everyone telling me, so I finally went in the next week and I got in to the local modelling agency CM management. After my first photo shoot with the agency I won an award, I guess I found a secret talent and the positive energy kept me going .

What are your most and least favourite parts of the industry?
My most favourite parts are that you get to travel to beautiful locations ! I love that you get to work with creative people e.g stylists, photographers, makeup artists etc. And I love that it doesn’t feel like work too.
My least favourite part is that modelling is unpredictable, one day can change everything, also it’s very competitive but that’s kinda good because it keeps us on our toes.


What has been your career highlight so far?
Probably getting to work with the amount of cool people I have. The travel has been good too. I was excited to come over here from Perth!

What are your plans for the next twelve months?
The next 12 months are very unplanned, I will continue on contract with Viviens Models. I hope to get the opportunity to model over seas. I am also planning on travelling to Europe, so I hope they work in conjunction.


You’re currently living and working in Sydney, what is that like?
My day job is a nanny! To be honest it is a very big city when you don’t know anyone. But all the same its amazing and there is always something to do! Sydney is beautiful in all seasons which I love ! The city is full of opportunities and it has a whiff of hope in the air !

What is it do you think that sets you apart from other models in this industry?
Well, this is a hard question. I guess I’m willing to do anything. I’ll wake up at 3 am, I’ll travel long distances, I’m a kind of non fuss girl and just go with what people want which makes me easy to work with. I grew up on a farm so there weren’t really any excuses allowed for not working hard. I love to give life my all.


Who/what would be your dream client/job?
Wow! This is easy! Dream client would be ‘Bras and Things’, because I love to rock a lingerie set. Dream job for the future, sports illustrated ! It’s so good how Ashley Graham (a famous plus size supermodel) was on the cover this year, it’s exciting !

Do you have a signature look that clients tend to book you for especially? What is it?
My signature look, sexy and I know it, haha kidding – but I am booked for my curvaceous figure. I have been booked in the past for my eyes too (they’re green and kinda serious).


What do you do to stay in shape? Do you have a special diet?
I’ve always been into fitness.! I love lifting weights and doing squats in the gym. I power walk everyday for a good 45 minutes – 1 hour around Sydney. My favourite exercise is dancing though .
My diet is vegetarian. I’ve got to the stage where if i have a craving for something I will eat it and I’m not strict, otherwise I’d miss out on all the fun! I eat lots of vegetables, fruit, tofu, rye bread, fallafels and sushi! I have white wine too on weekends.  🙂

What advice would you give to a model who was just starting out?
Hmmm, don’t change for anyone . You are perfect exactly as you are. If they don’t like you, who cares-they didn’t like me at first. You have to work at it to be good, so never give up.

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