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DIY: Leather neck tie

This very simple accessory – the leather neck tie – is quickly making it’s way on the scene and was spotted countless times at Coachella no doubt.

This neck tie is super simple to DIY and has a very minimal western feel. Wrap it around your neck and tie it in a bow or a simple knot – it all looks rad. You can customise it however you like – try experimenting with different colours of cord/string and adding beads or tassels or even leaving the ends bare.

Here are the 4 steps:

(1) Nip down to your local spotlight or variety store and get your self some leather or suede string/thonging and get to work making one yourself, or hop online and get it delivered to your door.

I bought 4m of this ‘2mm Suede Thonging, Dark Brown 4m’ from spotlight for $3.30. You will also need 2 metal beads of some kind. The heavier the beads the more it will weigh down the ends of the string. I had these two small beads already, but you can get some at Spotlight, a variety store or a bead shop.

(2) Cut the leather/suede string to your desired length. I did 1.5m but you can cut it shorter or longer however your prefer.

(3) Thread on the metal beads – one on each end.

(4) Secure by either tying a knot or with superglue. I tied mine because it is less messy and I like the look.

Viola! There you have your neck tie, now go style it however you like.

Here is some inspiration for you!

(Images sourced from google, or are my own.)

Did you try this DIY? Let me know how you went in the comment section below!


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