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Glitter – Dealing with the aftermath

Glitter photoshoots are all fun and games until the photoshoot is over and you are left to deal with the magical mess. The downside to glitter is that it hangs around for a while and though you scrubbed and washed out what you thought was all of it, 2 weeks later you still find pieces of glitter  stuck to your face.


I recently had a photo shoot with Melbourne photographer Ren Pidgeon. Whilst I have worked with glitter in shoots before, I have never worked with this much glitter – I was literally covered in glitter! It was in my hair, on my face and all over my body. After we finished shooting I was unsuccessful in removing any of it before venturing home. So of course it ended up all over the clothes I was wearing too!

It took a week for the glitter to wash off and even then, I would find random bits for another week. It was a bit of a nightmare to be honest (I am still finding glitter when I look down onto my yoga mat!) But the images from the shoot turned out so good that it was well worth it.

My glittery hardship has inspired me to write this post about removing glitter, so you don’t need to find out the hard way like me.



Before washing use a paper towel covered in hair spray, it will become tacky and then you can dab it on the hair/scalp to pick up excess glitter. Wash hair through twice with shampoo and conditioner.



To remove glitter from the face you can use a piece of tape to lift the glitter from a specific area. If removing it from all over the face rub some face oil into the skin and massage around to lift the glitter from the skin and wipe it away with a clean cotton pad.



Use a face oil or natural oil like an olive or coconut oil and massage over the skin to remove the glitter from the skin and then use a tissue or cotton pad to clean it from the skin. Follow up with a shower and lather up on the body wash to remove any excess glitter.



Drench a cotton pad in nail polish remover and then place over the nail and wrap a square of aluminium foil over it around the finger tip. Repeat on each finger. Wait a few minutes, remove the foil and the glitter nail polish should wipe off easily.



Use a lint roller to remove the majority of glitter from your clothing before washing them. And then wash your glittery clothes together and on their own, as if you wash them with other clothing the glitter may just redistribute through the load. You might need to wash them a few times but this can depend on how well you lint roller them first.

(All images by @renpidgeon, Melbourne 2016, styling by @cravingcouture_  and makeup/hair by @Janjanwuwu)


What are your tips for removing glitter? Tell me below in the comment section!


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